Welcome to Suspension Hub, home of racing vehicles dynamic.

We have a mission: to enable our customers to full exploit the suspension system of their race car.

Our engineers collect a lot of datas during your race and develop them to be able to improve the car’s set up by changing angles, springs, anti roll-bars or weight distribution.

Our trained workshop technicians test, check, rebuild and certificate the highest quality dampers, using the best technology and materials, to ensure the perfect operation, paying attention to details.

It’s time to focus on suspensions, the last step you miss to win!

What can we do for you?

Our target is to help pur customers to take full advantage of their vehicle dynamic.


  • Full dampers rebuilding, with clear, complete and certified dynamic report;
  • Dimensional checks and refurbishment of arms, steering heads, uniballs and supports;
  • Suspensions setting through dynamic setting tests;
  • Springs rate measurement and certification;
  • Suspension systems components, design and production;


  • Dynamic support during tests and racing week ends;
  • Data measuremens and collection;
  • Consultancy and tooling service;

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If you are a dynamic and motorsport enthusiastic, in our team you may find the opportunity you are searching for.

Suspension Hub is a sparkling, innovative, international organization.

Send your CV, with a cover letter, to hr@jmeracing.com. We’ll get in touch with you to understand together if there is a chance to cooperate.

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